As an inclusive employer, Compass Group embraces diversity and respects individuality and versatility. We strive to create a positive and open work setting where we treat each other with respect, recognising the dignity of others.
We aim to reflect a global society, which is why we seek to promote diversity. We tolerate no form of discrimination, and our employees are offered the same opportunity to perform a job – regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability and educational background. We also strive to achieve an equal distribution of men and women and of employees of non-Danish ethnicity. Around 20% of our employees are thus from ethnic minorities.
In implementing our equal opportunities policy, we have placed special focus on bringing more women into management, and have now succeeded in achieving a management staff composed of 70% women.


Within Compass Group, our recruitment is based on the mantra of “attitude first”. We believe that the right attitude, together with determination and passion, are what produce results and a great place to work. We have a thorough 11-step recruitment process designed to ensure that we recruit the right candidate – the first time around.


Our in-house training facility, Compass Academy, gives employees the opportunity for training, education and development, to boost knowledge and professional and personal skills. Our managers, for instance, are trained in a leadership style that embraces diversity¬, communication and cultural differences.
Our in-house courses and training programmes are supported at all times by skilled and experienced colleagues within the relevant disciplines, who assist by sharing knowledge and skills. This promotes not only professional competences, but also intra-Group networking.


Based on the Can-Do Attitude, there are plenty of opportunities for pursuing your career with the company in Denmark and internationally – if you’ve got what it takes in ability and drive. Your opportunities will be discussed at the regular staff appraisal interview with your supervisor to ensure that we continually retain the best and most highly motivated employees. To deliver Great Results and Great Service, we need Great People, which is also the heart and soul of our strategy.