Testimonial from: Head of purchasing at a Facility Management (FM) client with 400 employees.

Since we relocated our offices in 2011, Compass Group has handled a number of our FM services.
Like the majority of companies in Denmark, we are very conscious of internal costs and constantly seeking to optimise and realign them to market trends and in-house requirements. This is why we have strict requirements for our suppliers to be proactive and challenge us daily in their services in order to retain and control our costs and service levels.

Compass Group was quick to understand our needs and requirements and throughout our contract term has been proactive and has continuously presented us with value-adding initiatives. One of the derived effects of this can be read directly on our bottom line, but without any compromises on our high service levels, and we are proud to say that our total costs today are lower than they were back in 2011.

We regard Compass Group as more than just a strategic supplier. They are an integral component in our operations, which, as we see it, is borne out by the exceptional commitment, efficiency and quality of the services they perform for us.

Compass Group gives us economies of scale and business value, and they have the ability to focus on supplying the promised results/service levels and identify/develop the right concepts to match our group.

We regard Compass Group as a strategic service provider, and through our constructive and proactive relations, have taken our joint commitment to a higher value-adding level for both parties. Over the years, this has led us to extend our partnership with Compass Group to include more services at our head office than envisaged when we started the contract, and they are now also providing services to two of our other sites in Denmark.

This rewarding alliance has meant that we have decided to renew our contract with Compass Group for another term.



Testimonial from: Service manager at a Cleaning client with 7,000 users and staff.

Since 2013, Eurest Services has provided cleaning services in our organisation, which consists of 4 departments with a total floorage of 35,000 m2.  One of the main differences we’ve noted compared with previous suppliers is the staffing level for performing the cleaning tasks and the visibility of the management style.

This management visibility gives us peace of mind and confidence that Eurest Services is able to deliver the agreed service. Each department has its own service supervisor, and our assigned contact is a person we can genuinely get in touch with. We meet on a regular basis and do the rounds of the rooms in each department while we discuss the service provided.

Eurest Services takes contract fulfilment seriously, and does its utmost to meet the quality criteria. If there are any problems or areas that need rectifying, they deal with them right away. And they follow up on the agreements we make. They are proactive and innovative in their methods, and you can really tell that there’s a professional company behind the cleaning staff, which ensures continuous improvements in cleaning methods, and manages development in line with occupational health & safety and environmental criteria.



Udtalelse fra: Category Manager v. Facility Management kunde m. 230  medarbejdere 

We have worked with Compass Group since 2010, and have recently extended the contract period for another 3 years.

The decision to extend the contract was based on the high level of quality and collaboration. Compass group showed themselves to be very proactive regarding optimization of the processes and showed detailed initiatives to further improve their service for the upcoming contract period.




Testimonial from: Offshore Installation Manager at a Food client with 200 employees.

Personnel welfare and safety are focal in our company, and have given us a reputation as the best North Sea workplace. We don’t compromise on quality and hygiene in catering – we don’t try to shave costs! It is vital that our partners understand these values, and that they are taken on board in their service provision.

ESS is a long-standing partner, who, since the beginning in 1999, knew how to integrate our commitment to welfare and safety – and at a very high level in their services. Within catering, ESS is the backbone of our safety and hygiene policies, while the catering team adheres to our policies and values within conduct and safety to the letter on the other platform.

ESS understands how important meals are – not just because our employees work 12-15 hour shifts, but also in that mealtimes are the highlights of the day. They have developed a concept called Food in Balance, with 8 themes a year to ensure that our personnel receive sufficient calories and balanced nutrition, not to mention great culinary experiences to brighten the working day. The employees have welcomed the concept, and everyone looks forward to the daily mealtime surprises. In 2008, our canteen was voted Denmark’s best canteen.

You might fear that suppliers who have been on such a long-term contract might rest on their laurels, but this is definitely not the case. On the contrary – their dedication and their passion to doing things just that bit better is still going strong. At our quarterly safety meetings, we can really tell that ESS has an HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) division, which is dedicated to developing and enhancing safety policies and environmental management. The same is true in their development of catering programmes for us.

ESS take pride in being innovative within areas that are paramount for us, which is one of the reasons why we have retained their services for so many years. But aside from this, there are the soft elements that also count: close dialogue which is open and honest, mutual respect and great flexibility in relation to our needs.  Elements which we expect will also be decisive in our partnership going forward, and which mean that we expect to continue retaining ESS services for many years to come.



Testimonial from: General Manager for Facility Management (FM) client with 1,500 employees.

Eurest Services has handled cleaning in our company since 2010, but in 2014 we extended our contract with them to include FM. Like other large companies, we are continually looking to concentrate on our core business, and outsource support services to a third party with the expertise to provide them cost-efficiently.

Consequently, we were looking for an integrated solution that would give us professional management of our non-core operations such as cleaning, canteen and reception through to all the different handyman jobs. The choice fell on Eurest Services, who had already been providing our cleaning services for some years.

Eurest Services has a professional approach to FM services. They made the time and effort to get to know all the details of our in-house requirements, and this formed the basis for creating a solution that gives us exactly the service we require – neither more nor less.

Their insights into our culture and our requirements also mean that their approach is driven by proactivity and continuous challenge at service level from a ‘need to’ rather than ‘nice to’ mindset. In addition, we need the option at any time of purchasing add-on services, which means we get flexibility along with greater awareness of the added expenses, which also helps to push costs down.

The open dialogue and knowledge sharing are standard features of our relationship, and in partnership with the Eurest Services transition team we are now well on the way to achieving the right FM solution. They excel at maintaining ongoing dialogue as a means of continually challenging us on our service level and optimising concepts for our needs as they evolve, generally and or periodically.

Eurest Services is more than a strategic partner, and is on the way to becoming an integral component of the company. They have succeeded in putting together a unified team made up of dedicated Eurest Services staff, who work jointly to provide the services as agreed. They have introduced effective structures for managing tasks, and created a flexibility that is scalable. Resource consumption is optimised on a continuous basis, and this has resulted in benefits such as options for staff to extend their job functions.

With a Eurest Services’ Facility Management solution, we are now reaping the rewards of the fact that their core competences meet our needs for the benefit of our business, our staff and our guests.



Testimonial from: Logistics assistant at an Industrial Cleaning client with 320 employees.

Our company is a major player in our industry, and our end-clients are heavily dependent on us. This means that any down-time in our production division hits hard, which is why it is crucial for everything to run like clockwork; even the cleaning services are critical in maintaining flow in our production, both on a daily basis, but also during peak periods.

Eurest Services has performed cleaning of our manufacturing facility since 2008, and one consistent aspect of the service provided is its great stability.

We are pleased to note that the cleaning service is provided flexibly and efficiently. The cleaning staff take responsibility for their tasks, and demonstrate a flexible approach which means they can also take on additional tasks as and when needed. They turn up for work on time, and perform their tasks as agreed.

During holiday and sickness absences, we are also guaranteed that cover will be provided so the cleaning gets done. Thanks to a job rotation programme whereby the staff do the rounds of the sites, Eurest Services ensures that their personnel have the insights and routine to allow them to cover for each other’s absences. In addition, the company has permanent temps on its books to step in at short notice.

We hope that we will be able to continue this great partnership for many years to come. There’s certainly no doubt that the stability of the service and familiarity with our company could be decisive factors the next time we put the contract out to tender.



Testimonial from: Cleaning coordinator for Facility Management (FM) client with around 400 employees and 500,000 visitors annually.

Since 2013, Compass Group has provided a number of FM services at our 33,000 m2 concert venue.
For a venue like ours with around 1,500 events annually, it’s vital that users of the building and concert-goers enjoy the all-round experience we promise. Every detail counts, and it’s extremely important for us that our partners live up to their contract with us. Service reliability is therefore an essential parameter in working for us.

We have tried a number of companies over the years, but since we contracted Compass Group, it has consistently scored highest in our benchmarking system. One of the reasons is that we liaise closely with them as service providers, and they are responsive to our needs, reacting immediately. Another reason is the visibility of their managers, which makes dealing with the company easy and efficient. Their commitment to, and insight into, our business means that they are an integral element in the value we create for visitors to our venue for meetings and all sizes of events. Their managers are innovative and useful sparring partners in cost optimisation and service enhancements.

Compass Group is in full control of their service provision and their personnel are dependable. Through proactive and open dialogue they succeed in supplying bespoke solutions which means we can keep our pledge to our customers of a great all-round experience. We are very happy with this partnership!



Testimonial from: Area manager at a Food client with 4,000 employees and around 24,000 users.

Our institution retains Chartwells services for a canteen setup, which is extremely sensitive to the ratings of our end users. The food service is evaluated in-house 4 times a year by a user panel composed of around 15 representatives, and Chartwells gets a high rating for its innovation. The starting point for the partnership was a break with the traditional concepts in canteen services, and Chartwells showed great enthusiasm and dedication in addressing the challenges.

By virtue of its innovative approach, Chartwells has successfully created a unique concept for meeting user needs for meal variation, mobile units and food and refreshments to-go. A concept which is very ambitious and novel, and which resulted in a maximum rating on ‘innovation’ compared with competing suppliers.

One distinctive aspect of the service is that Chartwells really understands the special challenges we face. Our resources are in short supply, but the innovation of the catering means that we don’t have to resort to self-service. We hold regular meetings to follow up on our partnership and the innovation factor. With mutual respect and receptiveness, we work to a continuous process of striking a beneficial balance for all parties between innovation and budgetary constraints.

Chartwells is also very constructive in relation to the derived effects of our partnership. As an example, we came up with an idea for waste sorting, which would give us a number of savings, and this was accommodated with immense flexibility.

This productive partnership is therefore a great benefit to us and our end users, and our expectations regarding innovation and thinking out of the box are fulfilled to the letter.



Testimonial from: Facility Service Senior Assistant for Food and Cleaning client with 380 employees.

Since 2010, Eurest Services has handled all the catering and cleaning services for our manufacturing company.
We regard Eurest Services as a partner we can confidently hand over every service to. We have a constructive and close dialogue with their manager, and a “no” or “no can do” is not something we hear. In fact, we’re met by a responsiveness to our ideas and needs, and they keep their promises.

Over the period in which we have retained Eurest Services, we’ve heard scarcely a bad word from the employees or visitors about the cleaning or catering. On the whole, things are stable and reliable

We have come to rely heavily on Eurest Services’ managers and staff being ‘on the ball’, and that the managers have ensured that everyone is up to speed on what’s been agreed, and how the jobs are to be done. It’s a good feeling not having to spend time checking that the services actually get performed. There’s so much peace of mind in knowing that all tasks are completed as agreed, with no worries about the quality.

We look forward to continued productive relations with Eurest Services.



Testimonial from: Project Manager at a Catering client with 525 employees.

Our company was in the process of consolidating our 4 divisions at a single new site. In this phase, we had to fit out offices, a canteen and kitchen for more than 500 people, which was a really big project. Right from the sales phase and until Eurest signed the contract with us, they demonstrated great commitment in their sound and creative inputs on everything from fitting out the kitchen, devising canteen concepts through to fitting out the canteen area.

From day one, Eurest has been highly proactive, serving as our partner. Through helpful and constructive dialogue, they have challenged us on our aims for the canteen at the company level, but also right down to the smallest detail. The results of this included the introduction of a breakfast rolls scheme and a restaurant-access facility for large-scale events. These initiatives have been very well received, and have had nothing but praise from our employees.

Eurest is highly solutions-oriented and we find that we’re on the same side of the table. They are constructive in their suggestions, but are receptive to our situation and ideas. This was all in evidence when we moved in before the kitchen and canteen area had been completed. They advised us in a sound and constructive way as to the requirements that had to be met to get the kitchen up and running, but they also gave us great inputs for solutions to the challenges.

For just the brief period of our initial partnership, we’ve been struck by Eurest’s tireless efforts. They are keen to make additional improvements, and one of their initiatives has been to invite one of their top chefs to our site to inspire the house chef and canteen staff, and to assist in creating new menus for our canteen.

In both our initial contact with Eurest, and in their day-to-day service, we’ve been impressed by how Eurest brings dedication, creativity and a ‘sorted’ approach to the table in a win-win for both parties. We’re very pleased!



Testimonial from: Site Manager at a Cleaning and Catering client with 200 employees. 

Since 2013, Eurest Services has provided cleaning services and from 2014, canteen services to our company. We see Eurest Services as a close partner that is eminently capable of supporting our business. Through ongoing and close liaison between our dedicated contacts, but also behind the scenes at Eurest Services, solutions are developed to match our requirements. 

Relations with Eurest Services are pursued in open and flexible dialogue where everyone is responsive to requests and inputs.

In a close collaboration such as this, it really matters that Eurest Services reflects our own values and attitudes regarding service and supply of solutions. We are committed to doing things right – from employee welfare to innovative and eco-friendly solutions. And we’re in no doubt that Eurest Services is on top of things: their staff are treated decently, they are skilled, responsible and dependable. We know this because the staff are immensely dedicated, everyone gets involved and is keen to do that bit extra, not least when the heat is on.

This rewarding partnership means that we don’t hesitate to recommend them to new clients.



Testimonial from: Controller at a Food and Cleaning client with 170 employees.

For 15 years, we have retained Eurest Services for cleaning, and in 2006, we extended our partnership to include canteen services. The reasons for our long-standing alliance are very simple: Good relations and innovation!

We have excellent relations with the talented and stable staff. Besides which, the account manager is proactive and obliging, which helps to ensure that our requirements and preferences are fulfilled. The company gives us ongoing follow-up, and we can always rest assured that agreements are followed through. The account manager is also always ready to spar with us on ideas for efficiency improvements or economies, which is invaluable in our ongoing efforts to maintain the right service at the right price.

Eurest Services has its finger on the pulse and is on a mission to be creative and innovative. We see that in the service in the canteen. The concept was custom designed for us, and employees now also have the option of purchasing various home-made foods and ingredients to take home – an initiative much appreciated by our staff.

We can only stress that our relations with Eurest Services are excellent!



Testimonial from: Category Manager at a Food and Cleaning client with 2,000 employees.

Our company has more than 10 different sites, where our employees appreciate the consistently high quality of cleaning and canteen services. The challenges involved make great demands on the Eurest Services staff, and not least their managers. However, they rise to these challenges with open dialogue and hands-on presence, which, combined with their immense responsiveness and proactivity, gives us services which achieve high ratings in our employee satisfaction surveys.

Eurest Services is a sparring partner, who over the last 15 years has acted as our extended arm in service provision. In practice, this has meant greater transparency than we usually achieve with service providers, and that counts for a lot when we’re talking budgets and supplies, and not least when we have to identify areas in which cost-efficiencies can be made.

Our impression is that Eurest Services has a genuine wish to fulfil our needs and preferences. They operate with the aim of optimising relations, even it means they have to give it that bit extra for a time. They are quick to adopt suggestions and to offer their own: for example, we wanted to make some savings in the canteen operations, and they came up with suggestions for reducing food waste. In addition, at the moment, we’re running a trial period in the canteen, where we’re changing our meals range in response to the results of a diner satisfaction survey. In this project, Eurest has been very obliging and agreed to the trial, even if it squeezes their budget.

The fact that Eurest Services demonstrates openness and transparency in their service provision only adds to our confidence in them, especially since food services is an area in which emotions and culture play a big role.
This is why we are definitely looking forward to continuing our partnership with Eurest Services for many years to come.



Udtalelse fra: Indkøber v. Food og Cleaning kunde m. 160 medarbejdere

We have contracted Compass Group for cleaning and canteen since 2006, and are extremely satisfied with them as a partner both in terms of the financial setup, but also the quality of their services.

For a manufacturing company like ours, food is an important part of the working day for our employees. Compass Group genuinely understands that. With every innovation, they provide variation and healthy meals in the canteen, and the selection is regularly inventive along themes and fun concepts. They also assume responsibility for informing our employees about healthy options, and are good at communicating the concept of balanced meals.
In spite of the intent focus on health and wellbeing, they are also ready to meet the employees’ requests for ‘less wholesome’ foods now and again, and might have the canteen offer quality hot dogs for a day!

Compass Group regularly conducts a satisfaction survey to rate our relations, and there is no doubt about how the employees feel – Compass Group is highly rated every time. We benefit from a great partnership, which we expect to continue for many years to come.