Japanese visit to Din Private Kok

At the end of 2014, Din Private Kok (‘Your Personal Chef’) had the honour of receiving a prestigious visit. A delegation consisting of company directors along with researchers from one of Japan’s leading universities stopped off at Northern Europe’s largest kitchen of its kind at our Roholmsvej headquarters.
They were on a fact-finding tour of Europe to learn how Europeans tackle the tasks and challenges of elderly care and services.

Sonja Andersen, HSE Manager at Din Private Kok, gave the five visitors a tour of the production division, offering them detailed insights into the entire concept’s set-up for delivering food to senior citizens at nursing homes or in their own homes.

They were particularly impressed by our logistics. The fact that we know exactly what Mr. Hansen in Sorø prefers from our menu, and then that we have the capability to deliver at the right time and location, and maintain a high standard of hygiene from start to finish, Sonja enthuses.
I also explained how the local authorities in Denmark are part of the public-sector service provided to senior citizens. Both in terms of the general set-up, and its economics in terms of state subsidies. The Danish model is very different from the Japanese one, where the general policy is to leave it to next of kin to provide meals to their elderly relatives. Only exceptionally in Japan does the public sector assume responsibility for this, adds Sonja.

Japan is only just beginning to do away with its centuries-old traditional family values of next-of-kin care for the elderly. And they’ve no choice: average life expectancy in Japan is higher than in Denmark for example. This means that elderly persons constitute a very large share of the total population. And since the population of working age has to be increasingly more efficient, in the long run, it’s not sustainable for people to also have to cope with caring for, nursing and providing meals for ageing family members. This is why the Japanese are interested in how we do things in our part of the world.

They were really well prepared, very interested and very courteous. They inquired about all kinds of details, and their cameras were flashing away. They also tasted our meals, and we were chuffed no end that Den Private Kok service was able to impress some of Japan’s leading researchers in this domain, says Sonja.