New Compass Group website

Compass Group Denmark has just launched a brand new website.

The aim was to create a site based more around client perceptions of Compass Group Denmark’s services. In addition, the focus was on creating a clear and structured overview of all the services provided by the company.

In our interactions with prospective clients, we often find that they are looking for more explicit communication from service providers about their service propositions, and how their current clients rate their performance. We’re keen to give clients what they ask for, so, as one of a whole raft of initiatives, we created a new website based on testimonials from the clients we serve – says Zanne Burø, Commercial Director.

On the new Compass Group Denmark website, the company’s clients report, in quotation form, on how they rate the services they receive, and their relations with Compass Group Denmark’s personnel.

The market is in continual flux, and we simply have to respect that we operate in a “likes” culture, meaning that companies want to see a ‘thumbs up’ from existing clients before making their decision. We can’t turn a deaf ear to that – which is why we are delighted that so many of our clients were keen to comment on their partnership with us – says CEO, Jesper Busk.

Visit to check out the new look.