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Eurest Services and Total Upstream: A successful collaboration

The story of Eurest Services and Total Upstream Danmark’s partnership is all about dialogue, close collaboration and how that leads to a successful relationship. It all started back in 2015. Compass Group and Total Upstream Danmark, then Maersk Oil, first initiated their partnership with Compass Group providing facility management services to the offices in Esbjerg. […]

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Compass Group visits Fejø
Compass Group visits the island of fruit

Through the last couple years, fruit from Vesterled Frugtplantage on Fejø has gained great popularity. The orchard is known for their cultivation of high-quality fruit. Or as the man behind it, Laust Spandet Jensen says; “Denmark’s Best Fruit”. In the coming week, the fruit will be enjoyed by Compass Group guests. And in connection with […]

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Compass Group
On a field in West Zealand

… you will find Max Thomsens cabbage fields which were recently visited by Compass Group Denmark’s managing director, Zanne Burø, and Culinary Council members, Tina Fugl and Kristian Frederik Bruun. In the summer sunshine all three got the opportunity to see the green and red pointed cabbage that Max will be delivering to Compass Group. […]

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Stop Food Waste Day madspild
Managing director and food activist: Food Waste is relevant for everybody – A conversation between Zanne Burø and Selina Juul

Food waste is on the agenda when Stop Food Waste Day is celebrated for the first time in Denmark on April 26th. This initiative can be experienced by Compass Group Danmark’s more than 65.000 guests in more than 170 staff and campus-restaurants, cafes and convenience stores. This day, however, is not an expression of a […]

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Compass Group
A supplier we know – Compass Group and Culinary Council collaborate with Sødam

From the marshland farm in Southern Jutland comes Sødam’s organic chickens, especially chosen by Compass Group Danmark’s Culinary Council – comprised of some of our best food experts from across the country. They have chosen Sødam’s chicken as a special taste experience for the guests in Eurest’s staff restaurants. Read the rest of the article in Danish […]

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Compass Group Grambogaard
Focus on raw ingredients and collaboration

Compass Group Danmark has entered into a collaboration with Grambogård, an independent slaughterhouse on Fyn. This collaboration is about focusing on the raw ingredients. Compass Group has therefore bought 300 apple pigs, which many of their staff and campus restaurants will be able to serve to their guest in the coming months. Read the rest of […]

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Compass Group Eurest Services Maersk Oil
Maersk Oil opens new headquarters with Compass Group as facility management partner

It has just been announced that Maersk Oil’s newly built headquarter office at Amerika Plads in Copenhagen will be supported by a full Facility Management contract from Compass Group under Eurest Services. When the 600 employees start working in their new premises 2 October, it will be with Compass Group providing services from catering to […]

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Compass Group forlænger partnerskab med FLSmidth
When collaboration leads to success: FLSmidth and Eurest Services extent and expand their partnership

Eurest Services and FLSmidth have recently extended their partnership with an additional three years. Not only have they extended the collaboration, but it has also been expanded with two new locations, Dania and Airloq, in Mariager. Both parties are happy to continue this relationship, which is built on transparency and dialogue. When General Manager for […]

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Compass Group viden om generationernes præferencer
Everything you need to know about the preferences of the generations

In our previous article, we wrote about the importance of considering all four generations in the workplace. But how is this done on a practical level, when Compass Group serves food to over 100.000 guests a day? Read this article and get a unique insight into Compass Group’s knowledge of generation-specific food solutions and how […]

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Generation Compass Group
4 different generations with a 1000 different preferences

Where, when and what we eat depends on many different things. One person’s eating habits do not necessarily reflect those of their colleagues. Therefore, in order to deliver the best food, and the highest level of service, companies must recognise the many different preferences and eating habits of their guests, all of which have to […]

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