Runner-up for Danish Canteen Award 2014

Eurest’s Staff Restaurant for the telecoms company Telia was among the three canteens nominated for the Danish ‘Kantineprisen 2014’.

This canteen award is conferred annually by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Among the many canteens nominated for the award, three are selected by a jury to enter the final heat for the prestigious award.
For Kitchen Manager Søren Ernst and his team, this meant receiving a visit from the jury members who then inspected the canteen set-up in detail, and sampled and tested the claims in the award nomination statement concerning the commitment to great flavour and sustainability. Aside from this audit, a short video was provided of what makes Eurest at Telia so exceptional (see the video at the end of this article).

After months of tense waiting, it was finally time for the great gala show at Turbinehallen in Aarhus, where the formal announcement was made that Telia had been given second place in Denmark’s best canteen awards.

We are immensely proud to have been selected as one of the three best canteens in Denmark – says Kitchen Manager Søren Ernst.

Our Business Excellence Manager, Pia Bøgeskov, enthused that there was every reason to be thrilled by a second place.

We were up against a canteen that serves fewer than 100 daily diners. At Telia, we have around 1,100 for lunch every day. Everyone at Eurest can take pride in being nominated for the award, as the Telia canteen service operates according to the same Cooking Codex, and conforms to “The Eurest Way”, just like all of our other Eurest canteens – Pia Bøgeskov explains.

The jury’s verdict as to why Telia’s canteen won second place in Denmark’s best canteen award is summed up by the Kitchen Manager as follows:

They commended us for engaging our many young diners. Our initiatives such as the cooking school for Telia’s staff, take-ways, team-building in the kitchen for Telia’s teams, and our brand new initiative in front-cooking. They hadn’t seen this kind of thing all in one canteen. As for the food itself, we picked up huge praise for the fact that you can taste that we have a multiethnic team in the kitchen, because they are allowed the scope to present their own personal ethnic cuisine in the buffet. The credit for all the great features highlighted by the jury is not down to me. The success and close interaction with the Telia staff is a team achievement. So, I’m heading back home to give the team my unreserved thanks – was the sign-off from the beaming Kitchen Manager.

Watch the video about Eurest’s team at Telia below.