Catering & hospitality is our hallmark and has taken centre stage for the Compass Group for more than 40 years. Although we offer a wide range of services today, it all started with food – and we’ve the flavour to prove it.
We have some of Denmark’s most satisfied diners in our staff restaurants because we are committed to:

  • Fresh ingredients: sourcing many from local producers.
  • Seasonal fare: the season’s produce for the best flavour.
  • Sustainability: we care and have the flavour to prove it.
  • Organics: we have been awarded the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s organic cuisine certification in both silver (60-90% organic cuisine) and bronze (30-60% organic cuisine).
  • Healthy eating: our chefs compose meals based on the Eurest Cooking Codex.
  • Variation and choices: over the course of a week, our diners enjoy both traditional and contemporary fare, new culinary trends and dishes from around the globe.


We create canteen and catering solutions tailored your specific needs. We have food brands that to cater for different personal and sectoral requirements: private-sector and public-sector enterprises, offshore and educational institutions. That way, we deliver maximum value to your organisation.


Wherever you happen to be, we can supply meals perfected to meet your needs. Our chefs at more than 200 locations in different parts of Denmark are in place to create freshly-prepared, appealing and nutritious meals to provide energy and help your staff perform to best ability.


Our chefs’ passion for food is the backbone of our food services. They have an extraordinary feel and flair for flavour and for supplying the best of the best. They serve each dish with the special Eurest ‘spice’ which is what sets us apart from the average catering firm.