Eurest treats some 80,000 diners daily to delicious food at more than 160 Danish staff restaurants.

We provide everything in the way of catering, right from coffee bars to fine dining for management and everything in between. We deliver culinary creativity and hospitality both for workaday dining in the staff restaurant, for client lunches and major functions and events.


We make every meal more than a well-earned break from work. We’re passionate about quality, and have a natural love of food. This is what drives us to seek continual improvements all-round, right from nutritional value, information, to service, cost-efficiency and food quality.

The result is tasty and nutritious meals to deliver that energy boost to all your employees so they can keep on giving you their best, after lunch too.


We create canteen solutions to match your specific needs. That way, we deliver maximum value to your organisation. Our large range of concepts and catering solutions are what enable us to meet all your requirements and offer the solution you need.

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