Chartwells are specialists in creating all-round meal experiences for students, and are market leaders in food services to Denmark’s universities. We have achieved our high, specialist standing because we offer what students want, that is, quality food services that are flexible, fast, healthy and with a trendy edge.

We create food concepts that deliver value for money and are tailored to study-friendly campus life – ideally supplemented by brands which the students are familiar with and can relate to.


Chartwells is designed to deliver based on an ethos we call “Eat-Learn-Live”. For Chartwells, the mission is to create tasty and innovative catering solutions that support campus life, giving the students the freedom to concentrate on their studies.

We create food concepts that not only give the students an energy boost while they are on campus, but which go beyond study time during the day with cool take-away concepts etc.

By expanding the students’ horizons and introducing them to nutritious food through innovative concepts, we are helping to provide the mental energy that boosts learning capacity.


We create canteen solutions to match you, and your students’ needs. We tailor our food service solutions to student life on campus and offer everything from coffee bars and food trucks to sandwich factories and take-aways.