Health, safety and environment (HSE)


As one of the world’s largest service providers, we have a big responsibility, which is why sustainable practices are one of our key priorities.

We work closely with our suppliers and customers to find ways to minimise our impact on the environment, and we readily assist our clients with developing their own environmental strategy.



We are proactive innovators, both locally and globally. The fact that all our staff and campus restaurants have ISO 14001 environmental management certification is a good example of this. In fact, Compass Group Denmark is one of the first service companies in Denmark to achieve both environmental and occupational health and safety management certifications (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).



We focus on:

  • Ongoing auditing of suppliers
  • A strong and constant effort to reduce food waste
  • Making sustainable purchases, such as with respect to our meat consumption, by increasing our procurement of MSC-labelled fish, and buying seasonal Danish fruits and vegetables
  • Using organic ingredients – we have both silver and bronze certifications
  • Using Swan-labelled products and environmentally-friendly cleaning materials, including  cradle-to-cradle and CO2-neutral products
  • Increasing the proportion of biodegradable disposable materials we use
  • Using reusable plastics


A good workplace attracts good people, who deliver good results.

We know how important it is to be able to go to work feeling happy and motivated. That’s why we are always endeavouring to provide the best possible conditions for our employees.



Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers is not just a moral responsibility, but also paramount to our success. Consequently, we go through our environmental, health and safety conditions thoroughly with our employees when they join or transfer within the company. All our staff and campus restaurants and all our cleaning services are therefore OHSAS 18001 certified.

We strive to develop our strong safety culture, where every employee can take responsibility for their own safety. This is how we do it:

  • We talk about safety and ethics at all levels in our company and involve all employees in our efforts to ensure safety.
  • We start every formal meeting with what we refer to as a Safety Moment, during which we talk about a situation that focuses on how we can strengthen our safety culture.
  • We do our utmost to avoid accidents among our staff, customers and others.
  • We carefully consider the ergonomic and health-related consequences of all our purchases.
  • We always carry out a thorough risk assessment when entering into a new contract – and annually thereafter.
  • We ensure that all our employees are trained to perform their assigned tasks, so that they can carry out their duties safely. As examples, we train people in dosage, the correct use of products and ergonomics.
  • We have various communication channels available for staff to contact if they have suggestions or concerns about safety, health, the environment or ethical dilemmas, including a staff app.
  • We have a monthly safety focus, which we communicate to everyone in Compass Group throughout the month in question.
  • Every year, we carry out an employee satisfaction survey.
  • We also have a focus on a specific theme every year – e.g. physical workplace environment.

Accidents can unfortunately not be completely avoided. If, despite our preventive efforts, one of our employees is injured, we have a follow-up process that we call “What have we learned?” and involves all management levels. Additionally, any accidents resulting in lost-time injuries are always addressed by senior management.


If you would like to read more about our work to cultivate sustainability at Compass Group, click here or open the Sustainability tab in the top menu.


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