Safety Management

Our strong safety culture means that we take responsibility for our employees’ safety and consider the crucial impact of the environment on the quality of our work.

Safety management is crucial to us. Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers is not only a moral obligation, but also an essential factor in both your and our success. We are committed to maintaining a positive safety culture, where every employee is able to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety. Compass Group Denmark was one of the first service companies in Denmark to achieve both environmental and health and safety management certification, and we take every new employee through a thorough review of all the relevant environmental and safety standards.

Safety and ethics at every level

We involve all employees in our efforts to promote safety, and we kick off all our formal internal meetings with what we call Safety Moment, where we go through a situation that focuses on how we can strengthen our safety culture.  This includes looking at the psychological work environment and enabling our employees to present their ideas and concerns about safety, health, environmental or ethical issues via our internal communication channels.

Training with a focus on safety

Safety management starts with training. When entering into a new contract, we always conduct a thorough risk assessment, which we then also review annually to prevent injuries to employees, customers and other individuals. This also means that all our employees are trained to perform the tasks associated with their job roles safely. This training includes training in dosages, the correct use of products, and ergonomics, and we always carefully assess the potential ergonomic and health-related consequences of all our purchases.

“What have we learned?”

Accidents can unfortunately not be completely avoided. If, despite our preventive efforts, one of our employees is injured, we have a follow-up process that we call “What have we learned?” and involves all management levels. Additionally, any accidents resulting in lost-time injuries are always addressed by senior management.

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