Vision, mission and values

Our vision and mission summarise what we, as a company, represent and strive to achieve every day at work.



Creating Denmark’s best workplaces together.

Nothing more, nothing less! At Compass Group Denmark, we want to be our customers’ first choice because we know that we can make a difference when our customers want to create a modern and attractive workplace. Equally, we want to be top-of-mind among potential employees as well as the best workplace for our existing staff.



We support and promote health and wellbeing.

This is realised through strategic efforts to increase customer and guest satisfaction, a strong focus on sustainability, the training and development of our people, partnerships and organisations such as Julemærkefonden and Glad Fonden, and campaigns such as Stop Food Waste.



Our values are shared among all our employees and are equally relevant to all types of roles and work performed at Compass Group. They set the standard for how we should conduct ourselves – towards each other and most certainly also towards our customers and guests.

  • Openness, trust and integrity
  • Passion for quality
  • Win through teamwork
  • Can-do attitude
  • Accountability


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