We are Compass Group

We create an environment where delicious, healthy food boosts employees’ wellbeing and strengthens the connection between people.

At Compass Group, people’s health and wellbeing are top of mind when we transform moments into valuable experiences with food as the connecting ingredient. Since the 1980s, we’ve been the leading provider of canteen management to a wide range of companies and educational institutions in Denmark and have since expanded our services to include hospital catering, offshore services and facility management.


Global experiences applied to a local context

Flexibility and healthy food are important ingredients for a productive life. As part of a global organisation, we draw on international experiences when we collaborate with you strategically to identify opportunities to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of your employees and guests.

We create an environment that motivates your employees

A good workplace attracts good employees that deliver good results. At Compass Group, we share a passion for quality and accountability in everything we do, and we know how important it is to feel happy and motivated at work. That’s why we are always striving to create the ideal environment where your and our employees will thrive and feel motivated at work.

About Compass Group Denmark
Safety Management
Our strong safety culture means that we take responsibility for our employees’ safety and consider the crucial impact of the environment on the quality of our work.
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How we work
Your goals are our success and it is of paramount importance to us that we strive to ensure satisfaction and progress by involving our guests and you as our customer.
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We actively strive to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that we use our resources efficiently for the benefit of people and our planet.
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With our service concepts based on healthy food and wellbeing, we at Compass Group Denmark contribute to making everyday life at work easier for a wide range of Danish companies.

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The 7 leaps
SOLSTICE: Strawberries, asparagus, wild garlic, rhubarb, and freshly harvested new potatoes. In June, we enter the fourth leap of the year, which we call the solstice. “Instead of working with 4 seasons, at Compass Group, we work with 7 green leaps. By dividing the seasons into smaller leaps, we have a tool that ensures we
Community Kitchen at the University of Copenhagen, Amager
Over 3 months ago, the ribbon was cut for The Community Kitchen at the University of Copenhagen, Amager, and since then, there has been a busy atmosphere at the communal dining tables. The Community Kitchen has become a great success among the students, and there is virtually a full house every Thursday for the events.
More Danish legumes on the menu
A new collaboration between Compass Group Denmark, the producer Kragerup Gods, and Grøn Fokus (a specialist company under the auspices of Dagrofa Foodservice) will help Danish organic legumes get an extra push to get on the menu around Compass Group’s canteens. Here, the guest will have a larger selection of, among other things, Danish chickpeas,