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Facility management services can range from the basic to the extensive. Either way, the customer is always at the centre of every solution from Eurest Services.


Our approach to every partnership – whether it involves facility management and maintenance or the reception and staff restaurants – is simple: what works for you? Naturally, this means that every solution starts with a dialogue about what you need to help you focus on your core business.

Our approach at Eurest Services is built on having the right combination of effective, innovative and sustainable working practices that optimise your resources.

We take full responsibility for all aspects of the delivery, so that you can rest assured that your operations are running smoothly, costs are minimised, and your employees perform at their best.



Partnering with Eurest Services gives you a flexible solution, which can be scaled in line with your company’s development and changing requirements.

As specialists in service and optimising operations, we will tackle your needs on a strategic, tactical and operational level. For you, this means reliable operations, including compliance and a single point of contact for enquiries.

As the leader in our market, we use our experience – both local and global – to find effective service solutions across all service areas.

You can see this in the management systems and process tools we have developed, which are based on a simple approach to user enquiries – digitalised and effective.

Our Be Excellent cleaning programme is a good example of this. It provides an effective, standardised and innovative cleaning solution that simultaneously focuses on the training and development of our employees.

We deliver:

  • Staff restaurants – read more here
  • Meeting service
  • Cleaning
  • Facility management
  • Management of green spaces
  • Reception service
  • Mail management service
  • Waste management
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Technical service
  • Security guards and other security
  • We offer facility management services and technical operations through professional partners

Since our employees are and will be the cornerstone in everything that we do, they are people you will come to equate with Eurest Services. Whether it’s the receptionist, the cleaning assistant or your Site Manager.



At Eurest Services, we are interested in the link between people and technology – particularly in how digitalisation can strengthen and support employee performance. We aim to use technology to make life easier for our customers, and we use technological tools to ensure that we can continue to improve our services.

When we adopt new technology, we insist that it must contribute to improving at least one of the following focus areas:

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Flexibility for the customer
  • Costs
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability

Our clear objectives are: to ensure that all aspects of our delivery to you are discussed and evaluated, that targeted initiatives are completed and that you experience a transparent service and the continuous improvement of our deliveries.


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