Campus Restaurants

We make canteens the place to meet on campus – where people connect and healthy eating is coupled with relaxation and knowledge sharing.

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We know people’s food habits on campus

In Denmark, our eating habits are changing and young people are leading the way when it comes to the latest trends. We know everyone who spends time on campus well – including their widely differing eating habits. The guests in our campus restaurants are conspicuous consumers with high expectations, and this requires us to constantly reinvent our campus restaurants.

The Canteen as a Meeting Place

A flexible canteen solution is central to campus restaurants in Denmark. It meets the needs of different mealtimes and food habits and provides opportunities for people to refuel and ideas to flourish.

Catering for Meetings and Events

Campus restaurants that cater to your needs. Energy-boosting meals and refreshments that foster collaboration when ideas are to be developed, experiences shared, and decisions made.

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With our service concepts based on healthy food and wellbeing, we at Compass Group Denmark contribute to making everyday life at work easier for a wide range of Danish companies.

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