Compass Group Among Børsen’s Sustainable Cases

At Compass Group Denmark, we are part of Børsen’s collection of Sustainable Cases this year, which highlights 50 excellent, innovative, and green projects in the Danish business community. We are featured with our CO2 dashboard, which displays CO2 emissions, food waste, and seasonal produce data from our partners. The dashboard provides necessary and crucial insights for taking climate-friendly actions in our daily operations.

Red meat is the main contributor to CO2 emissions in a cafeteria setting. However, reducing red meat or introducing vegetarian days is not always an emotionally straightforward task for cafeteria management. The dashboard has been developed to support these difficult decisions:

“Through tangible results, we can move away from emotions, opinions, and perceptions,” says Christina Wejlemann, CSR Manager at Compass Group Denmark, about the tool, which is built on the green think tank Concito’s climate database.

Collaboration is the Way Forward In 2021, Compass Group in Denmark emitted nearly 59,000 tons of CO2 in total. 99.4% came from scope 3 emissions – services provided to customers – and the largest single emission, 64%, came from food items used in cafeteria operations. Our goal is to reduce our scope 3 emissions by 28% by 2030.

“We can only achieve this reduction by collaborating with our customers on action plans for reductions in their cafeterias. And the dashboard helps us track progress,” says CSR Manager Christina Wejlemann.

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