Det Danske Madhus and Compass Group Denmark enter into agreement for Det Danske Madhus to acquire all assets in Din Private Kok

Compass Group Denmark and Det Danske Madhus have entered into an agreement for Compass Group Denmark to divest its business, Din Private Kok, to Det Danske Madhus. The transaction includes all activities, customer contracts, employees and facilities relating to this part of their Danish business.

Compass Group Denmark increases focus on core business in accordance with its strategy

”To Compass Group Denmark the decision to divest Din Private Kok is a natural part of the existing strategy – namely ensuring an increased focus on our core business areas, Eurest, Chartwells and Eurest Services”, explains Mikko Käkelä, CEO of Compass Group Denmark.

Director of Operations, Compass Group Denmark, Henrik Niclasen, furthermore emphasises that Compass Group has chosen to sell to Det Danske Madhus as the company possess the competencies to safely carry Din Private Kok forward.

”I am pleased to say that we are handing over a solid business. Det Danske Madhus is already a supplier in most of the municipalities. Din Private Kok has built a strong brand and a reasonable market share in the Danish seniors market, among other things due to the very skilled and dedicated employees whom we are feeling comfortable about handing over to Det Danske Madhus”, Henrik Niclasen explains.

Det Danske Madhus secures production on Zealand

Det Danske Madhus’ core business is delivering food to senior citizens, and the company is already operating in the majority of the municipalities to which Din Private Kok delivers today. Furthermore, Det Danske Madhus has to find new production facilities as the lease in Køge is expiring due to the construction of a new super hospital.

”With the acquisition of Din Private Kok in Albertslund, we are solving the current challenge that our lease in Køge expires. The new and modern kitchen allows us to continue to deliver food produced on Zealand for the Zealandic market. We are looking forward to welcoming 5,000 customers and a range of skilled food workers to Det Danske Madhus”, said Henrik Solkær, CEO of Det Danske Madhus.

Both executives emphasise their common focus on ensuring as smooth a transition as possible. Activities in Din Private Kok are expected to be transferred to Det Danske Madhus early next year.

For further information, please contact:
Det Danske Madhus – Henrik Solkær, CEO
Tel.: +45 24 82 15 65

Compass Group Denmark – Mikko Käkelä, CEO
Tel.: +358 40560 7569

About Det Danske Madhus:

Det Danske Madhus’ mission is to create joy by delivering quality food.

Det Danske Madhus was established in 2003 and is today the largest private company in the market for production and delivery of food service for elderly people living at home and at nursing homes as well as for patients at hospitals. Today, the company has around 400 employees, delivering food to 15,000 customers on a daily basis in 84 municipalities from six production units in Denmark. Det Danske Madhus is partly owned by Polaris Private Equity, a private equity firm headquartered in Copenhagen, investing in well-established small and mid-sized businesses in Denmark and Sweden, as well as Det Danske Madhus’ original management team.

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About Din Private Kok:

Since 1971, Din Private Kok has delivered food service to senior citizens living at home as well as to sheltered housing schemes and nursing homes in more than 30 municipalities. The company’s 55 employees compose and serve meals for 5,000 customers on a daily basis from modern kitchen facilities in Albertslund. Din Private Kok is owned by Compass Group Denmark, which has around 4,500 employees. Currently Compass Group Denmark operates under the brands Eurest, Eurest Services, Medirest, Chartwells, Din Private Kok, ESS and Levy Restaurants.