Eurest Services and Total Upstream: A successful collaboration

The story of Eurest Services and Total Upstream Danmark’s partnership is all about dialogue, close collaboration and how that leads to a successful relationship.

It all started back in 2015. Compass Group and Total Upstream Danmark, then Maersk Oil, first initiated their partnership with Compass Group providing facility management services to the offices in Esbjerg. In 2017 this successful partnership lead to Compass Group also becoming the facility management partner at the new head office in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen. Now, a year and half on, the partnership is still going strong.

Eurest Services’ approach to the partnership has been the same throughout. According to Bo Terp, Site Manager for Total in Copenhagen, a strong focus on communication has been all-important: “Because we know it works! It is all about having a close dialogue between the different stakeholders in the collaboration and for us to take every opportunity to create value for Total.”

Acknowledgement of this is also echoed by Bo Terp’s counterpart, and close collaborator at Total, Facility Manager & RSES Tine Parlev. She adds: “We have tried to be mutually transparent from the very beginning, and as the house was just built when we moved in, we utilised each other’s strengths to solve many of the issues that always arises in the start of something new.”

Together we succeed

While the Eurest Services team accredits part of the success to expertise and experience, the determining factor in this collaboration has always been, the close and continued sparring between the two partners. According to Bo, this is evident in their shared ambition: “Together we have always strived to deliver the best experience to all the employees and guests of Total.”

Tine Parlev continues: “I also believe it is a strength that we do not regard our collaboration strictly as a customer and supplier relationship, but rather see each other as colleagues with a common goal. And in a hectic everyday business situation, it of course helps, that we can also share a laugh or two”.

Eurest Services, part of Compass Group Danmark, currently supplies Total in both Copenhagen and Esbjerg with staff restaurants, facility management, cleaning and other support services.