Facility Management

As a leading supplier, we use our expertise to develop effective service solutions across all our service areas.

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Service solutions at all levels

Facility management services are all about optimising your company’s services. We regard each customer as unique. We tailor solutions that meet your needs and facilities. Our key strength is that we take responsibility for all services under one roof, which ensures that your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Effective Cleaning

Our cleaning services promote a good indoor climate and healthy work environment, which has a positive effect on wellbeing, productivity and financial performance.

Maintenance and Services

Efficient and service-oriented facility management services that ensure a healthy work environment and reliable day-to-day operations.

Offshore Services

Through the provision of thousands of meals on drilling installations throughout Denmark’s waters, we help create a comfortable work environment for offshore employees.

Rapport Guest Services

Our Rapport Guest Services ensure that your customers and guests receive a personal and unique experience every time they visit your company.

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With our service concepts based on healthy food and wellbeing, we at Compass Group Denmark contribute to making everyday life at work easier for a wide range of Danish companies.

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No more beef in the canteens at several educational institutions
In collaboration with the service provider Compass Group, several educational institutions have chosen to completely stop serving beef, which has a climate impact 10 times higher than, for example, pork and chicken. Since the beginning of this school year, several educational institutions have taken a significant step to reduce their CO2 emissions by permanently discontinuing
Can-do award in Vejle
Today, we were in Vejle to surprise a very special colleague and present another Can-do award. This time it was Vibeke Schaldemose Sørensen, a receptionist at one of our major customers in Vejle, who with her positive mindset and infectious humour spreads smiles and good energy to those she meets along the way. “The can-do
Teamwork ensures 50,000 meals for Roskilde’s volunteers
Every year, 130,000 guests visit Northern Europe’s largest festival – Roskilde Festival – for intense days of music, art, and camp life. Before the lawn in front of the Orange Stage is filled with happy festival-goers, a large group of volunteers work hard to make everything run smoothly. They also ensure that the fairground returns