Offshore Services

Through the provision of thousands of meals on drilling installations throughout Denmark’s waters, we help create a comfortable work environment for offshore employees.

Top service in Danish offshore waters

At Compass Group, we pride ourselves in transforming the workplace into a home away from home. Our offshore services are designed to create a sanctuary on drilling installations in Danish waters, where meals always include something new, rooms are clean, and clothes are freshly laundered. Recognising the need to mobilise at short notice, we provide a flexible offshore service that is adapted to your requirements.


We take care of the day-to-day offshore operations

In addition to managing foodservice delivery, we also provide technical services and maintenance to secure day-to-day offshore operations. Our services have evolved as a direct response to our customers’ needs and are designed to ensure that everything runs smoothly for offshore employees working in remote and extreme locations.

Sustainable offshore services

Sustainable ambitions require commitment. That also applies to offshore. Our offshore services give you energy-boosting, healthy and appetising meals designed for offshore life. All our services are based on our sustainable initiatives to minimise food waste and ensure the wellbeing of your and our employees.

Spoil Your Offshore Employees
Our offshore services provide you with healthy meals and reliable management of your offshore activities. All designed to ensure that your employees thrive. If you would like to know more about our offshore services, you’re always welcome to contact us.
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