More Danish legumes on the menu

A new collaboration between Compass Group Denmark, the producer Kragerup Gods, and Grøn Fokus (a specialist company under the auspices of Dagrofa Foodservice) will help Danish organic legumes get an extra push to get on the menu around Compass Group’s canteens. Here, the guest will have a larger selection of, among other things, Danish chickpeas, and anicia-lentils to choose from.

Kenneth Balieu Sørensen, Head of Gastronomy & Food Excellence at Compass Group Denmark, says:

“At Compass Group we are always on a hunt to make our lunch plans less climate-damaging. In this context, we see Danish legumes as an absolutely essential tool. The Challenge has been that, culturally speaking, we are not used to using legumes very much, when cooking in Denmark. Legumes can be used as an important source of protein if you want to reduce your meat intake. At the same time, legumes are also characterized by being a healthy, low fat and delicious ingredient, that contain a lot of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It fits well in our gastronomic journey at Compass Group”.

Black belt in legumes

Many of the ingredients come from Kragerup Gods, located north of Slagelse. In recent years, the place has invested heavily in organic plant-based protein sources, such as chickpeas and lentils.

Grøn Fokus ApS, a specialist company under the auspices of Dagrofa Foodservice, has also jumped on board, and the company is the sole distributor of the legumes from Kragerup Gods.

Marlene B. Lindegaard, Concept Manager at Dagrofa Foodservice with responsibility for commercial kitchens says:

“We are very excited that Compass Group has now chosen to make an active choice to have more Danish legumes on the menu. It makes a huge difference to the development when a major player like Compass Group joins the agenda, which is about getting the Danes to eat more climate-consciously. At home, we don’t have a black belt in legumes, but the chefs in the canteens can help the Danes get it. They have a large contact surface every single day, and therefore they van help shape the development of our food culture”.

More legumes on the way

In the first instance, it is chickpeas and anicia-lentis that are on the menu at Compass Group Denmark to a greater extent. Later in the year, the collaboration will be extended to also include Danish-produced ginger peas and fuego beans.