Put on your rubber boots and head out into the field!

Even though our skilled kitchen managers work with food every single day, it can feel quite distant from the kitchen pots and pans to the fields where the ingredients originate. Therefore, we invited a team of our kitchen managers to visit Torup Bakkegård and Orelund in Fyn to get closer to the raw materials.

During the visit, we gained insight into the family-run and state-of-the-art farm, which excels in delivering the highest quality of produce to our tables! For instance, they are so proficient at preserving onions that they can offer Danish onions all year round.

The purpose of the visit was to create a closer bond between kitchen managers and farmers, which also facilitated a fruitful dialogue about some of the challenges faced by the farmers. “There is a shortage of agricultural workers at the moment, and there are constantly increasing demands for the renewal of agricultural processes and enhanced data processing – something that smaller agricultural enterprises often lack resources for. Therefore, we had a good conversation about what we can do to support local farmers and promote the use of fresh Danish seasonal ingredients,” says Jenny Errild, Operational Excellence Manager at Compass Group.

The day concluded with a “social picnic” in the field, where freshly harvested vegetables were grilled and topped with a delicious pesto made from carrot tops. The meal was complemented by a glass of rhubarb juice made from the pulp left over from the morning’s rhubarb pastries.

Thanks to Torup Bakkegård and Orelund for allowing us to visit and accompany them out into the field.