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We have everything from ready-made solutions to flexible and scalable concepts tailored to your needs. We are passionate about good food and good service – every single day!


At Eurest, we know that the answers to this question are as diverse as the companies we work with. But they all have one thing in common: everything ultimately boils down to job satisfaction.

Whether that fulfilment is achieved through a combination of a focus on sustainability and health, delicious coffee, the perfect afternoon snack, grab ‘n’ go or vegetarian meals – THOSE are the details that we’ll hash out together.

The perfect solution is therefore the one that is tailored to your needs. It needs to be easy for your employees – whether they are on the go, having a snack or working over lunch with colleagues.

This can sometimes involve a complicated process. But that’s precisely where our many years of experience and expertise come into play. You see, at Eurest, we believe in The Power of Food – and the potential of our food and team to help you realise your company’s vision and objectives.



We are convinced that taste and quality are the cornerstones of the food experience we give our guests. The building blocks for this experience are shaped by people who are passionate about their craft. That’s why we cook from scratch, and hone in on aesthetics, health, freshness and sustainability. The delicious and satisfying choice thus becomes the easy option for our guests.



Heathy food can take many forms. That’s why we are always ready to offer inspiration on what healthy food could look like for your company. Fundamentally, we believe that vegetables are born to play a leading role – because they offer crunch, taste, freshness and colour.

Health is not a rigid concept in our mind. It’s what drives our FEARLESS determination to deliver good food, which stems from our vision to help create Denmark’s best workplaces.

At Eurest, you will therefore discover an innovative and diverse version of healthy food – the kind that is delicious AND inspirational. We achieve this by cooking food founded on proud traditions, solid expertise and a finely tuned intuition for the latest trends.



We deliver everything from staff restaurants offering a variety of healthy options, to coffee shops and fine dining for the Executive Board – and everything in between. We provide culinary creativity and hospitality, whether it’s for your staff restaurant, big events or client lunches.

Guests visiting a Eurest staff restaurant will experience:

  • Personalised café solutions – so you get the perfect latté with a homemade snack
  • Market days – packed with homemade specialties and specials from our suppliers
  • Meeting service – of the highest quality, and with creative ideas gladly offered by our chefs
  • Snacks & treats – to appease your hunger and keep those energy levels up
  • Eurest@home – our take-away service
  • Leftover Lover – we reduce food waste by allowing guests to empty the buffet every day at bargain prices
  • Veggie Day – one or more vegetarian days a month
  • Campaigns – various exciting theme days throughout the year
  • Fish Day – one day a week



Sustainability is a journey in our eyes. One that we all participate in – on a personal level, as representatives of companies and as global citizens.

That’s why Eurest, as part of Compass Group, is fully committed to sustainability. Every day, our chefs proactively minimise our impact on the climate, such as by minimising food waste. You can read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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