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High expectations and conscious consumption are key characteristics of guests at today's educational institutions. And that quite simply places demands on us – to constantly innovate and to know everyone who spends their days on campus well.


At Chartwells, we know who the guests in our campus restaurants are – be they students, administrative staff, educators, researchers or course participants. We know you – and your eating habits.

We know this thanks to the surveys we conduct throughout our portfolio, which show that our eating habits are changing. And young people are at the forefront of the latest trends. More specifically, we see that:

  • Sustainability tops the agenda
  • Meat consumption is declining
  • Vegetarian and vegan dishes must always be among the choices on offer

That’s NOT to say that everyone is about to devote themselves to a purely vegetarian diet, or that conventional food is now forbidden. In fact, it’s precisely all about having the freedom to choose – about being a flexitarian.

A meal must be flexible – i.e. you should be able to combine a separate meat option with a vegetarian meal. And there must always be a wide selection of plant-based proteins available. That way, everyone can enjoy a filling meal – whether you eat meat or not.

Hunger should not be stifled by time-constraints or old-fashioned eating habits. Which is why you will always find exactly what you feel like eating.



Because we are demanding – and we have to be. At Chartwells, we don’t look for compromises when it comes to the food experience we deliver to our customers. Whether it concerns food waste, phasing out non-biodegradable disposable plastics, plant-based meals, local ingredients and the impact of climate change in general.

Our approach is holistic, and rooted in the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), which we have been incorporating into our work for a while now.

Urban Nomad in a good example of this. The sustainable thinking behind this initiative guides our use of sustainable and biodegradable clothes, dish cloths and disposable packaging. We also give our talented chefs 100% free reign to create an unblemished, authentic food experience.

That’s why we know that a wide selection of sustainable food at competitive prices is not an unachievable utopia. In fact, that’s exactly what we deliver at Chartwells.



In addition to helping appease your hunger on a daily basis, we can also deliver professional conference catering of the highest quality and service. Our goal is clear: impressed and satisfied guests. To achieve this, we always prioritise a close dialogue with you. Indeed, our chefs are always keen to offer new ideas and inspiration.


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