Siemens and Compass Group extend their partnership

Siemens have just extended their partnership with Compass Group Denmark, their trusted multiservice partner for more than four years. Compass Group will therefore continue to ensure that Siemens can focus on their core business and vice versa.

Originally, the bid consisted of two individual bids when it was put out to tender, but Compass Group won them both. Hence, the newly signed contract and partnership is a multiservice contract, including both catering and cleaning.

Siemens is one of the world’s largest producers of energy efficient and resource saving technologies, and the company plays a pioneering role in infrastructure and industry solutions. As of September 30, 2016, Siemens had around 351,000 employees in more than 200 countries. In fiscal 2016, they generated revenues of €79.6 billion. In Denmark, Compass Group will continue to facilitate the no less than 8,500 employees’ workday at Siemens.

Clearly, there is no doubt that the newly settled partnership is comprehensive. In factual numbers, it will consist of 12 food service locations and cleaning at 21 locations.

How Did You Retain Such a Dynamic and Demanding Partner?

When Zanne Burø, Commercial Director of Compass Group Denmark, is asked how Compass Group succeeded in retaining the huge contract and partnership, it became evident that it was not done overnight. ”First of all, we are food experts to our fingertips! Secondly, we have used our in-depth knowledge about Siemens to reinvent ourselves through an output-based contract. This gave us the opportunity to create new concepts and brand new ways of working. Moreover, we will be making significant investments to ensure innovative and inspiring surroundings and food facilities, exclusively for Siemens. Additionally, it supports Siemens’ mission to be driven by Ingenuity for Life”, Zanne Burø elaborates

Evidently, the retention process has demanded long-term persistence, and Zanne Burø stress Siemens’ goal of becoming one of the most attractive global employers. “Siemens has set the bar high and so have we. Hence, the offer has taken its outset in diversity and generations. For the past years we have proven our extensive knowledge of both presence and future workplace generations – in particular the difference between wants and needs – and the solution is characterised by this.”

Zannes Burø’s statement is acknowledged by Henrik Tabel, Head of Contract Management at Siemens, who gives his opinion of choice of partner. “After a long process, with a number of good and professional suppliers involved, we at Siemens are happy to have chosen Compass to continue the corporation. The past years have matured our partnership in a way that makes it possible for us to embark on a new era of customer and innovation focus. Compass will not only operate but also with a high degree of independency, develop the contract in a new output scope, and we feel confident leaving this responsibility in the hands of Compass. We look forward to see new and exciting customer driven initiatives in the years to come”.

Based on Siemens’ and Compass Group’s experiences, a partnership can therefor be said to be retained by the ability to constantly develop with each other and by mutually demanding a dynamic and innovative partnership.