Staff Restaurants

Having a staff restaurant that meets the broad spectrum of dietary habits gives you much more than a basic catering solution.

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The perfect combination of health and wellbeing

Flexibility and healthy food are important ingredients for a productive life. With our staff restaurants, we create an environment where delicious, healthy food contribute to enhancing employees’ wellbeing in a dynamic work environment. Whether it is breakfast, meetings, snacks, the best cup of coffee of the day, lunch, grab & go, takeaway or other special occasions, our skilled chefs are ready to create taste experiences tailored to your needs. Common to all of it is that it is made from scratch with passion and focus on local ingredients in season.

Thriving at work

The dynamic nature of work means that a flexible canteen solution offers the perfect environment to boost your employees’ health and wellbeing – every day!

A little something extra

With our delicious, healthy food and flexible concept, we help boost your employees’ wellbeing and productivity in a dynamic work environment.

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With our service concepts based on healthy food and wellbeing, we at Compass Group Denmark contribute to making everyday life at work easier for a wide range of Danish companies.

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