Thriving at Work

The dynamic nature of work means that a flexible canteen solution offers the perfect environment to boost your employees’ health and wellbeing – every day!

Get a canteen solution that adapts to the way your employees work

In many companies, employees’ workdays change from day to day, which is why they need flexible canteen solutions. At Compass Group, we create the perfect environment to boost your employees’ job satisfaction. Whether this fulfilment is best achieved through a combination of focusing on sustainability and health, delectable coffee, the perfect afternoon snack, grab ‘n go or vegetarian meals – that’s what we’ll work out with you.


Pampering for staff and customers

We deliver everything from the staff restaurant – healthy, delicious meals, coffee shop catering, grab ‘n go and catering for meetings. Our range of optional extras enables us to provide culinary creativity, convenience and hospitality – on a daily basis as well as for customer events and activities.

Healthy food is gutsy food

Healthy food comes in many forms and it is our firm belief that vegetables are perfectly suited to playing a key role in meals due to their great taste and freshness. In our universe, health is not a rigid construct, but rather the desire to produce good food based on our vision of helping to create workplaces where people thrive.

We are committed to pursuing sustainability

At Compass Group, we regard sustainability as a journey all of us are on – on a personal level, as a company, and as global citizens. That’s why we are fully committed to promoting sustainability through various initiatives. As an example, our chefs are constantly looking for ways to minimise food waste in pursuit of reducing our negative impact on climate change.

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Let Us Cultivate Wellbeing at Work
Our flexible food concept empowers us to create environments where delicious, healthy food boosts wellbeing and strengthens the connection between people. You’re always welcome to contact us for more information about our staff restaurants.
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Staff Restaurants
A Little Something Extra
With our delicious, healthy food and flexible concept, we help boost your employees’ wellbeing and productivity in an unpredictable work environment.
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How we work
Your goals are our success and it is of paramount importance to us that we strive to ensure satisfaction and progress by involving our guests and you as our customer.
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We actively strive to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that we use our resources efficiently for the benefit of people and our planet.
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