3 x 25% Reduction in 2020

At Compass Group Denmark, we want to reduce our carbon emissions and consumption of plastic and single-use packaging by 25% in 2020. We aim to achieve this reduction through a range of initiatives that we will implement in collaboration with our customers in kitchens and canteens across the country.

On this page, you can track how close we are to reaching each of these three objectives.

At Compass Group Denmark, we are very aware of the footprint we leave behind as a large international company. A footprint that has a substantial impact on the world around us – and therefore carries a big responsibility. A responsibility to minimise the negative footprint, replace it with a positive impact and ensure sustainability throughout the production cycle. We are taking a step in this direction in 2020.

We are now implementing a range of new initiatives in the kitchens and canteens Compass Group Denmark manages throughout Denmark that are designed to ensure we achieve three specific reduction goals in 2020 – namely reductions in carbon emissions, plastic consumption and single-use plastics by 25%.

Reduktion af CO2 på 4%

25% reduction in carbon emissions

Thousands of meals are served in canteens operated by Compass Group Denmark every day, which makes foods central to our daily operations. Foods therefore also present us with the ideal opportunity to make a substantial difference when it comes to strengthening sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

We will realise this by changing our menus, purchasing strategies and even the foods we serve – enabling us to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

More specifically, we want to exclude meat from the menu in our canteens on certain days of the month. We will also use significantly less of the meats that have the greatest impact on our climate, such as beef and lamb, while offering more climate-friendly dishes and alternatives on a daily basis.

We will continue to weigh and monitor food waste in our canteens in order to regulate purchasing and consumption for each canteen as much as possible.

Reduktion af plastik på 0%

25% reduction in plastic

Plastic has many good properties, such as extending the shelf life of food. However, plastic certainly also has a downside: it is made of oil and contributes to climate change when incinerated.

We at Compass Group Denmark want to reduce our plastic consumption by 25% in 2020, in the first instance by focusing on the products we sell to our guests in the canteens. In practice, this means that we are phasing out the use of various plastic products, such as single-serve containers of butter, jam, milk, Nutella, etc. and selected beverages served in plastic bottles with no deposit.

Reduktion af engangsemballage på 0%

25% reduction in single-use packaging

It’s tempting to think that we could reach our sustainability goals largely by simply using only biodegradable packaging, but at Compass Group Denmark, we don’t believe this goes far enough. Instead, we want to focus on recycling and on asking: “What do we need and what can we do without?”

For example, can you do without a lid for your coffee? Could a reusable cup be a good solution? Do we need stirring sticks for our coffee, or could we use a spoon that can be washed and used again and again?

This will encourage consumers to think about which packaging they can do without and thereby help put an end to the so-called use-and-discard culture, while also reducing the overall consumption of single-use packaging. We will also be selling reusable coffee cups in our canteens, charge customers if they want a lid for their coffee to go, and develop new solutions for take-away packaging.

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