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Our staff are our most important assets, and we understand how much our continued success relies on people thriving. That's why we have chosen to enter into partnerships that enable us to help people in need. We have chosen causes where we believe our role as a food and service company can make a real difference.

Glad Fonden

At Chartwells, we have collaborated with Glad Fonden (English: The Glad Foundation), which works to bring people with and without disabilities together. Glad Fonden believes that people from different walks of life are an asset that can enrich, gladden and inspire our society. At Chartwells, we have four people from Glad Fonden on our permanent staff.



In 2018, we entered into a partnership with Julemærkefonden (English: The Christmas Seal Foundation). A zest for life and wellness are not guaranteed for everyone, but developing a healthy relationship to food and exercise in childhood is a good start. Julemærkefonden strives to achieve this every day, and we are proud to partner with them in actively promoting health, wellbeing and happiness for children everywhere.

At Compass Group Denmark, we have voluntary Christmas Seal ambassadors, who are dedicated to optimising our cooperation with Julemærkefonden, so that we can provide more funding to children’s homes throughout Denmark. Among our initiatives to date are:

  • Every year, we donate an amount that goes directly to Julemærkefonden. We also regularly sponsor food and catering services for various events, including the annual announcement of the new Christmas Seal and the Foundation’s staff days.
  • In 2019, we hosted their first Christmas Seal run, which raises funds for the Liljeborg children’s home, in collaboration with Julemærkefonden, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI) and Roskilde Firma og Familieidræt (English: Roskilde Company and Family Sports, RFI).
  • From 2019, all administration staff can choose to donate their Christmas present instead of receiving a gift.

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