Teamwork ensures 50,000 meals for Roskilde’s volunteers

Every year, 130,000 guests visit Northern Europe’s largest festival – Roskilde Festival – for intense days of music, art, and camp life. Before the lawn in front of the Orange Stage is filled with happy festival-goers, a large group of volunteers work hard to make everything run smoothly. They also ensure that the fairground returns to its original state after the festival.

90% organic

Once again this year, Compass Group is contributing to providing good food for the volunteers in the days leading up to and after the festival, so they can ensure the success of the festival. Dal, homemade bread, delicious curries, and iced tea are served continuously to satisfy busy volunteers. More than 50,000 meals are served to volunteers during this period, and 90% of the food is organic. In the kitchen, a team of volunteers, along with cooks and other Compass Group staff, work together. With so many meals to be served simultaneously, it has to be fast-paced, but the team spirit is high, and everyone works closely together to make things happen.

Wicked Rabbit goes orange

As something entirely new this year, festival attendees will also have the opportunity to taste vegetarian dishes when Wicked Rabbit opens at Roskilde for the first time. The expectation is to serve around 25,000 vegetarian meals.

We met busy Market Manager Esben Luplau from Compass Group, who oversees the food stalls during the festival: “It’s always special to be at Roskilde. So far, everything has gone as planned,” says Esben Luplau. “And there have been many happy people visiting. Now we’re ready for the next big rush of days, hoping that they will warmly welcome Wicked Rabbit.”


Did you know: We have used more than 2 tons of organic peeled tomatoes from our trusted supplier in Italy to make the many vegetarian dishes. The peeled tomatoes are of the finest quality, providing a solid foundation for the flavors in the dishes.