The 5 steps to operationel succes at Maersk Oil’s Danish business unit

Since 2014 Eurest Service has been responsible for food service and facility management at Maersk Oil's Danish business unit, including all of their locations in Esbjerg.

At the end of 2016 Eurest Services’ team scored almost 100% of satisfaction within all of the five parameters in question in the yearly guest satisfaction survey (GTU), i.e. personnel restaurant, reception, handyman, meeting service and cleaning.

It is undoubtedly a great score. Thus the Site Manager at Maersk Oil’s Danish business unit at the time, Bo Terp, gives his take on how he, and in particular his team, has paved the way to the impressive score.

1. Succes through teamwork

”We have worked with the mindset, that we are one united team despite the fact that we work in different apartments. We inform, we are flexible and we work together across sectors. Something that contributes to our mutual understanding and respect for our jobs and for one another”, Bo Terp clarifies.

”The girls (in the reception, red.) are awesome. Always smiling and friendly (Statement form the guest satisfaction survey, GTU, November 2016).

2. Responsibility

“Eurest Eureopean – Eating at Work Report” from 2016 shows that 43% of the respondents believe, that they work much better when they return to their work station after lunch. Put in another way, a huge nutritionally responsibility lies on the shoulders of Compass Groups to “recharge” the employees during their lunch break.

Head Chef at the contract at Maersk, Jacob Justesen, elaborates how the team in Esbjerg meets these obligations.

“As the food craftsmen that we are, we perceive it as our most nobel responsibility to put together a diet that supports the body’s physical and mental challenges during each work day. And then we simply enjoy that we are on first-name terms with our guests so that we can help them make the best possible individual food choices.”

“Jacob and his team are always delivering a good and positive experience. Keep up the good work” (Statement form the guest satisfaction survey, GTU, November 2016)

3. Openness, trust and integrity

”I believe, that our close cooperation with the client has had a huge impact on the impressive result – because we doesn’t just have a standardised client/contractor relationship. And then we make a virtue of informing and aligning expectations, continuously Good and ongoing communication has indubitably paved the way to trust, openness and integrity for us as a business partner, Bo Terp, Site manager at Maersk at the time, explains.

4. Passion for quality

”First and foremost we are driven by our passion for quality in our professional competencies. Besides, we prioritise quality insurance. Both internally and in close cooperation with the client through management in the different departments”, Bo Terp elaborates.

Hans Werner Alexander, handy man at Maersk Oil’s Danish business unit, explains that his passion is all about going the extra mile. And I always do so by delivering in the best possible quality – on time”.

“Werner (handy man, red.) is an absolute angel. Always ready to help and always there when he promises. It couldn’t be any better. Thanks Werner!” (Statement form the guest satisfaction survey, GTU, November 2016)

5. We can!

Bo Terp concludes by describing the team’s “we-can” attitude, as they also refer to as PMA (positive mental attitude).

”It is simply a matter of involving and engaging our colleagues, so that we all know, what we have to deliver. And then everyone is equally important at our team, regardless of your titel”.

Nonetheless, “PMA” cannot stand alone, as all five steps jointly have led to the operational succes at Maersk Oil’s Danish business unit. Bo Terp clarifies.

“Besides the “We can!”approach, you have to add a splash of teamwork and a portion of personal responsibility. And then you have to spice it up with passion for quality and transparency in general. I am super proud of each and one of our talented colleagues as they have all masterede the five steps.” Bo Terp wraps it up with a huge ”Congratulations to each one of you”.