The 7 leaps

SOLSTICE: Strawberries, asparagus, wild garlic, rhubarb, and freshly harvested new potatoes. In June, we enter the fourth leap of the year, which we call the solstice.

“Instead of working with 4 seasons, at Compass Group, we work with 7 green leaps. By dividing the seasons into smaller leaps, we have a tool that ensures we can delve deep and indulge in each individual ingredient – serving healthy and delicious food in season with a sustainable focus, right from our Danish backyard. This is not something new,” emphasizes Kenneth Balieu Sørensen, Head of Gastronomy & Food Excellence, and explains:

“The 7 leaps are based on the way we have always worked with crops. It is a farm-to-table mindset that permeates our entire way of thinking and doing things at Compass Group. They provide a framework that we use all the way from the purchasing department to the individual kitchen chef and their team. In this way, it is a tool that truly has been allowed to thrive and create value for many of our colleagues and dining guests every day.”

At Compass Group, we warmly welcome the solstice and look forward to serving delicious Danish solstice summer flavors to all our daily cafeteria guests.