The gold is secured at Miljøstyrelsen

Our canteen at Miljøstyrelsen has been awarded the Organic Food Label in gold

This Wednesday, confetti cannons were out as Miljøstyrelsen received the gold certification at the canteen on Tolderlundsvej in Odense.

The Organic Food Label is a government-controlled labeling system for eateries. It indicates the percentage of organic purchases – gold (90-100%), silver (60-90%), and bronze (30-60%).

It requires extra effort from the kitchen team to transition to a higher proportion of organic ingredients, both in terms of creativity due to a narrower product range and flexibility as deliveries become slightly more delicate.

Robert, our kitchen chef, and the rest of the team have worked hard to reach the magical threshold for gold. It takes patience and a targeted effort to succeed, and now the gold is fortunately secured at Miljøstyrelsen. The achievement was celebrated with gold cakes, environmentally friendly confetti, and, of course, a trophy