The world’s best wingman

Competence development is a significant priority at Compass Group Denmark. A new leadership development program for sous chefs has just been launched with the title “Verdens Bedste Wing Man” (The World’s Best Wingman).

“Being a leader is much more than a title – the ability to lead by example, make decisions, and create followership are important qualities among colleagues in our staff restaurants. We know that this is a crucial prerequisite for building great teams and engaged employees. Sous chefs play a key role in keeping things together, both as wingmen to kitchen managers and as beacons for other colleagues in a busy environment,” says Kristine Dyring, People & Culture Partner at Compass Group Denmark.

During the development program, sous chefs gain insights into their natural preferences as well as useful tools to understand others, communicate effectively, and handle conflicts.

André Cappelen is one of the participants in “Verdens Bedste Wing Man.” He works at the staff restaurant at Foss in Hillerød and has been with Compass Group for over 11 years. For André, the course has made the role of a leader more concrete:

“I haven’t previously felt the need to try my hand at a leadership role, but the course has equipped me to consider it as a possibility in the future. I’ve become better at taking the lead in daily tasks and handling both conflicts and delegation of tasks under pressure. But most importantly, I’ve gained a better understanding of my own leadership role, my strengths and weaknesses, and being honest and open about what I’m good at and where I need help.”

Congratulations to our first group of “Verdens Bedste Wing Men”!