Trainees at NyKredit in collaboration with Glad Foundation

At Nykredit in Copenhagen, we currently have five talented trainees employed as part of our collaboration with Glad Fonden.

Last Friday, the children and education spokesperson from the Socialdemokratiet, Astrid Krag, visited along with Glad Fonden to meet with the trainees and learn about the work in creating good and developmental environments with a focus on inclusion.

At Nykredit, the collaboration makes a lot of sense, as Vibeke Barfred explains: “We want to support a job market where there’s room for everyone, and where, regardless of their prerequisites, people can contribute to a working community.”

The collaboration with Glad Fonden has been ongoing since 2019 and has yielded positive experiences. Director of Education and Employment at Glad Fonden, Per Fruerled, says, “We greatly appreciate that companies like Compass Group and Nykredit are supporting our vocational education initiative for young people with disabilities. We need to explore new ways to combine the inclusion of people with disabilities with the future’s demand for qualified labor in an industry where we foresee recruitment challenges ahead.”

“We have had positive experiences with inclusion and believe that differences, in particular, strengthen our teams. Especially in our field, we anticipate the need for recruitment in the coming years, so it makes perfect sense for us to collaborate with Glad Fonden,” says Compass Group’s Contract Manager, Mathias Perk.