Twice the meaning

Recently, in the occasion of Compass Group’s annual Stop Food Waste Day, CP Kelco’s employees had the opportunity to buy the canteen’s homemade products based on food waste, to take home. The money from the sale will be donated to Broen Køge, that helps vulnerable children and teenagers – only after CP Kelco has doubled the amount.

Cookies with banana peels, chips from root peels, meatballs made from vegetables and bread from excess potato soup, etc. is lined appetizingly up in CP Kelco’s canteen. The many products are based on leftover food waste, that in most households would have ended up in the trash bin – but not for Lis Hunnerup, the head chef in CP Kelco’s canteen, who has been with Compass Group since 1996, with only a few detours.

“My heart beats for food waste, and it also beats for children – so the food stall unites those two important things for me” says Lis, who grew up as a post-war child, which led her to being focused on using scraps and stubble since childhood. “We must utilize the resources and take care of the climate” that is infinitely important to me, emphasizes Lis.

Romkugler in high demand

At the pectin company, CP Kelco, the good initiative is appreciated, and the stall is busy over the lunch break. Especially Lis’ homemade romkugler are very popular. The total sale ended at DKK 3.220 – an amount that CP Kelco doubles to support Broen Køge’s efforts.

Jørn Stryger, factory director at CP Kelco, says:

“At CP Kelco, we ourselves, use a byproduct, and we pay great attention to utilize the resources optimally throughout our value chain. That is why we are very happy to support the food waste initiative. There is no reason to throw stuff out. We have what we have on this planet, and we must protect it. Lis is good at working magic with the leftovers, ant it’s good inspiration for all of us to follow suit in our own homes”.

After CP Kelco’s doubling of the amount, Broen Køge ensures that the money from the food waste, is converted into support for socially disadvantaged children and teenagers, which includes among other things: equipment for sports, scouting, music, or other leisure activities.

“At CP Kelco, we would very much like to help support the effort for vulnerable children and teenagers. Broen Køge provides an important and professional effort. It’s great that we can help contribute, and in a way where we combine two issues that are important to us. Concludes Jørn Stryger.

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