We are on the National Catering Team of Denmark

In January 2017 Denmark's new National Catering Team was set and there was fight to the finish to get hold of one of the few vacant seats.

The National Catering Team consist of eight candidates in total. Every second year they compete side-by-side as one united team to put Denmark on the gastronomic world map at the Olympics and at the world championships within the categories of canteen and catering. The candidates are selected individually, and this year there was three openings in total. One of them now has Søren’s name on it.

Who is Søren?

Søren Olsen, 35, is chef at Eurest at Nilfisk i Hadsund – and he is now part of the National Catering Team of Denmark.

When Søren was seven years old he started to cook together with his grandmother and ever since he has known, that he wanted to become a chef.

”I still use grandmothers old handwritten recipes for inspiration. But my experience range from catering to many to the molecular kitchen. And then I’m a huge fan of bonfire food, basic preparation methods and to simply let nature inside”, Søren explains.

Søren has been part of the Eurest team for many years. First at Wrist Ship Supply, then at the University of Aalborg and now at Nilfisk in Hadsund. Previously, he has owned and managed the company ”Food with love”. The name tells that Søren is a food craftsman who cooks with his heart.

”To me animal welfare is just as important as organics and sustainability. Therefore I live in the countryside, where I have my own kitchen garden, chicken and rabbits, who’s lifes are enjoyable with lots of free space. In return, my animals provide me with fresh eggs and meat that I can vouch for”, Søren elaborates and continues.

”One of Compass Group’s values are to take responsibility for your actions and to contribute to the local and global society and well-being. And that is probably why, I have been here for such a long time. I care deeply”.

We can!

In 2016 Denmark won the best pris so far, as the National Catering Team of Denmark won a gold medal and a bronze medal in total. Thus, the team –that now counts Eurest and Compass Group – carry a great responsibility. But that does not intimidate Søren:

”After the election we were sent directly to Odense to practise together as a team. Usually it has taken several training sessions before the Manager and Team Captain has given the rubber-stamp. But after only two days it happened. We really work well together as a team. And as I wrote in my very first application to the National Team: We are in it to win it!

Up until the world championships the National Team of Catering will regularly train to create a menu, that hopefully entitles a top ranking. In the summer of 2017 a theme will be given and each country must comply with it. November 2018 the winner will be reveled when the world championships are held in Luxembourg – and it will be settled whether Søren and the rest of the Danish National Team of Catering will come out the winner.

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