Workshops and Collaborations for the Student Assembly in Odense!

Once again this year, Compass Group Denmark has hosted a student assembly at Kold College in Odense. Here, our students have had the opportunity to meet each other and gain valuable experiences over the course of two days, equipping them well for their future careers.

The students participated in three workshops, where they learned about alternative ways to use proteins. This included a creative approach to the traditional marzipan cake, which this time was made using chickpeas.

We spoke with Stine and Annette, two of our students who attended the assembly. Stine shared:

“I’m really happy with my apprenticeship at Compass Group, and I’m learning a lot from my baking master. It was incredibly cool to be part of the student assembly and socialize with the other students. We were all really good at helping each other and collaborating during the different workshops. These have been two really exciting and fun days.”

Annette added:

“Even though I’ll be turning 60 next year, you couldn’t tell that at the student assembly because we’re all in the same boat. I’m very happy to be an apprentice at Compass Group, and it was great to meet the other students. The event was good and fun, and you learned a lot of things that you wouldn’t otherwise learn in your apprenticeship.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the student assembly and contributed to making the days enjoyable and educational. We’re already looking forward to the next time we meet!